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Health & Nutrition

We Understand the Importance of Healthy Eating

Nutrition and health are given the attention and effort they deserve.

We all know that children’s eating habits and food preferences are formed early in life, and the importance of it in health and development outcomes for children. Our lead chef Pat takes immense pride in serving up nutritionally balanced, healthy and tasty meals that the children love. The menu design is thoughtful about the appropriate amounts of energy and nutrients as you would do at home, ensuring enough plant-based meals. We serve a substantial breakfast, lunch and tea, with fresh fruit and snacks available as well. We also see food is also a celebration of the vast number of different cultures we have in the nursery, and our menu reflects this. Example meals include: Aubergine, Tomato and Chickpea Stew with Cous Cous; Herbed Flaked Salmon, New Potatoes; Chicken, Broad beans and Ginger Pilaf with Cauliflower; and Spinach, Sweet Potato and Butter Bean Stew with Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables.


Health & Nutrition

Children spend a significant amount of time at nursery, so the menu rotates week to week, and over the year, so that children experience a variety of dishes. We cater for a variety of allergies, intolerances and religious backgrounds, working closely with parents to ensure that the children can get what they need (e.g. halal, dairy-free, wheat-free). Parents feel secure that the right knowledge and safety processes are in the nursery as well.

Children are encouraged to enjoy meal times as a social experience, and to develop independence in eating well.