Leeds Montessori

Why Parents Choose Us?

We understand that choosing a nursery is one of the hardest decisions a parent needs to make early in a child’s life: finding a nursery that fits with the values of your family; that provides a trusted environment for you; that gives your child the best possible environment to progress at their own pace….that Unlocks Every Child’s Potential.  This is what we do.


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Only Accredited Montessori in Leeds 

We are our proud of our Montessori ethos which means the culture of the staff and entire setting is around having each individual child at the centre, learning at their own pace.


Children are Happy and Achieve

The children that attend the nursery develop into confident, independent learners. They are well prepared for Primary School and many are ahead of expected development levels (e.g literacy, numeracy).


Rated 'Outstanding' and National Top 5 Nursery

We have achieved the OFSTED Outstanding rating in our inspections in 2016 and 202. Also, we are a Top 5 National finalist in 2020 awards for Individual Nursery of the Year and Pre-School of the Year.

Leeds Montessori

Why Choose Leeds Montessori?

We have high levels of qualified staff and have a strong training ethos. Staff have access to one week's training per year. We have staff dedicated to Special Education needs (e.g. handling speech)


The nursery is set up to be a calm, homely, happy environment and we have the best outdoor play area in Leeds. The abundant learning resources across the nursery are carefully designed to meet the varied needs of the children. 


We have a very diverse set of children and staff. We celebrate this through festivals throughout the year, the activities we have, and the varied nutritious home-cooked food we eat as the children prepare to become global citizens.

What Our Parents Say




"The thing that stood out the most to me was the staff's ability to capture the children's natural abilities and skills and nurture them..."

"I have found Leeds Montessori to be a fantastic place for my son. He has developed beyond what I could ever have expected. The staff are outstanding not only in their teaching but by the love and care they have shown my son. I cannot thank the nursery enough for what they have done for my little boy."

Addy Restrick

"Excellent nursery! The staff are lovely and gave individual attention to our child. They helped reinforce her confidence and love for learning. The food is good and our child surprisingly had her meals on all days! The educational and social interactions at nursery are good all round ‘coaching’ in preparation for the real world."

Sarah Talari