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Learning and Development

Our approach is to help every child develop into confident, independent learners. The right environment and teachers are key to this.

We work with the belief that period up to 4 years of age is a crucial development period and that children can build a solid foundation on which to base further learning at school. The approach is based on:

- Foundation of strong caring relationships with staff and teachers
- Focus on both child care and child development
- Children developing at their own pace
- Monitoring and evaluating learning and development
- Creating an environment of respect
- A family-based setting, with children of different ages mixing together and learning from each other'

The approach applies to children of all abilities including those with additional learning needs, for whom we have specialist trained staff.

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Examples of Montessori in practice:

An 18 month old using clothes pegs developing their fine motor skills.

A 2 year old threading with beads appreciating colour and developing their pincer grip.

A 2 ½ year old tracing over and saying the sound of sandpaper letters, stimulating sight, sound and touch to learn their sound and the shape they make.

A 3 year old placing different shaped cylinders in the right size hole, learning shape, size and volume.

A 3 ½ year old identifying the correct number of counters associated with a number, understanding number as a quantity and a figure.

A 4 year old reading simple phonic words.

A 4 ½ year old serving their own portions of lunch to develop self-confidence.

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I am very pleased with Yousef’s progress since attending the nursery. He’s become a confident boy with an interesting character. During his time at the nursery he’s learnt to interact with others well and how to build relationships. He speaks of all the staff very highly and lovingly. I......
I have found Leeds Montessori to be beneficial to Joshan’s structure and learning. He has excelled with his reading and I am so pleased with his progress....
Leeds Montessori is a fantastic nursery with lots of friendly staff and overall it’s the only nursery I found that is teaching children as well as giving freedom to choose. A very independent, loving, caring nursery, I feel relaxed when I leave him here!...

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