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What Parents Say About Leeds Montessori

"Leeds Montessori School is an excellent beginning for a child's educational journey. It is a calm and happy environment, just the right size to retain a 'family' atmosphere and yet help children to gain confidence within groups and build friendships with children of different ages. The children are encouraged to think for themselves, do things independently and make their own choices  and my son is thriving and excelling within such an environment. The Montessori teachers are excellent and ensure that every child receives some one-to-one attention each day, consequently they understand how my son is progressing emotionally and intellectually and are helping him to naturally reach his full potential. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Leeds Montessori School."            

Hannah Drewell

"In the short time Isa has been at Leeds Montessori, we have seen him blossom into a mature young boy. He has become very independent, creative and very sociable, really caring towards younger children. A truly wonderful place with wonderful staff."

Mohammed Younis

“The calm, structured environment gave my son what he needed from his pre-school: great listening skills, respect for himself and others, and an enthusiasm for reading and learning”         

Camilla Hawkes



I am very pleased with Yousef’s progress since attending the nursery. He’s become a confident boy with an interesting character. During his time at the nursery he’s learnt to interact with others well and how to build relationships. He speaks of all the staff very highly and lovingly. I......
I have found Leeds Montessori to be beneficial to Joshan’s structure and learning. He has excelled with his reading and I am so pleased with his progress....
Leeds Montessori is a fantastic nursery with lots of friendly staff and overall it’s the only nursery I found that is teaching children as well as giving freedom to choose. A very independent, loving, caring nursery, I feel relaxed when I leave him here!...

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