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OFSTED Summary of Key Findings for Parents

The provision is outstanding

  • The management team is determined and passionate in its' pursuit of the highest quality of care and education for children. They regularly and accurately review the quality of the nursery provision. Highly focused supervision and professional development plans for staff result in extremely effective teaching and learning.
  • Children's needs are met exceptionally well. Exemplary partnerships between the nursery, parents and other professionals support a highly accomplished shared approach towards children's learning & development. This helps ensure the best possible outcomes for all children.
  • Staff have the highest expectations of all children. They precisely tailor learning experiences to meet children's individual needs. Children rapidly gain new skills and male exceptional progress in their learning & development.
  • Children behave impeccably. They are exceedingly polite and understand the behaviour expected from them. Staff are excellent role models who value each child as the unique individual that they are.
  • Staff provide a wealth of outdoor learning experiences. Children are highly motivated and challenge thier physical abilities in the inspiring outdoor area. In addition, children delight in exploring the nearby forest area and share their interesting discoveries with staff.
  • Staff are extremely sensitive to children. Key persons are exceedingly skilful and nurture children's secure attachments to them.Babies and young children quickly settle in the nursery and develop high levels of emotional well-being and confidence. This provides them with an excellent foundation for their future learning.

What OFSTED say about us:



I am very pleased with Yousef’s progress since attending the nursery. He’s become a confident boy with an interesting character. During his time at the nursery he’s learnt to interact with others well and how to build relationships. He speaks of all the staff very highly and lovingly. I......
I have found Leeds Montessori to be beneficial to Joshan’s structure and learning. He has excelled with his reading and I am so pleased with his progress....
Leeds Montessori is a fantastic nursery with lots of friendly staff and overall it’s the only nursery I found that is teaching children as well as giving freedom to choose. A very independent, loving, caring nursery, I feel relaxed when I leave him here!...

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